Rock Love…..

Nature is beautiful and mysterious also but most importantly it is full of love for all. It is so powerful that it can make you fall in love with yourself and itself too. I discover this Rock hard Love at the roadside when I saw these beautiful Rocks.


Tulsi ……

You are beautiful And gorgeous You are helpful And smartest . When you Talk To the air When you Dance With the breeze You make me feel Blessed and happy And leave me with No words for speach. When I slowly kiss you I feel little shy You always take away All pain of mine. … Continue reading Tulsi ……



After a long dark night, this is how the light of hopes break the darkness and let the shine enter to light the world .... Uncle Moon is witness of everything happened , of dark night and the sunrise too. Good morning everyone.


No Pots..

i had no pots to plant some plants so used such a crazy way. but it worked.i dont had soil too so i used sand. it makes me remember some of my lines.   ''If you want to do something then no one can stop you to do anything.''  


We all had wasted much of time of our lives at some phase of our lives in waiting and hoping for an angel or some special power which will help us and take us out of our problems. But the reality is that the angel the power we looking for is not somewhere else it's … Continue reading

something simple but special…….

अगर गन्ने के खेत में एक लोटा पानी लेके चले गए फसल बोने साथ में कैमरे वालों की पैनी नज़रें तो भला हम क्या समझे? हल्का होने ही गए होंगे सूबेदार जी! हमने चलना ही सही समझा क्यों? सियासत तो गरम है ना साहेब? बसें, ट्रेनें चल रहीं हैं आप पूछोगे का दिक्कत आ गया […] … Continue reading something simple but special…….

Leaf at the graveyard — Enigmatical

As I lay underneath a brambly tree, The wistful autumn leaf, Talks to me about death, “Let’s mark this day”, said the leaf. Reminding the old country side, Bean fields seemingly a greenbed, “How’d you end up here?”, Asked the lush green leaf. “Summoned up by you, can’t you see”, I reminded gleefully. Falling leaves […]Leaf … Continue reading Leaf at the graveyard — Enigmatical