From Sadness to Happiness

Nothing in this world came in our life without a lesson, a purpose and a new way to look around. I saw a child crying on the roadside for chocolate and ice-cream . but his mother didn’t allowed him have them. I thought how bad he was feeling , he was just a kid. His mother was smiling , she wispered someting in his ears and suddenly i found that child to be happiest child at that place. he was behaving as nothing happened with him. I Asked her mother what she did, she replied that she always gave him two options one of sadness and painfulness and other of hapiness . She means that chocolate and ice-cream will deay not only his teeth but his health too , but the other option of  outing with his frnds and his favourite games not only makes him happy but his health too. and he chose the second option. choice was his so he was happy.

This small incident make me realise that what i had choosen in my life and what i have to choose for my coming life that’s why:

”If you are sad then it’s great, If you are hopeless then it’s superb, If you are tensionised then it’s excellent; Because these all emotions makes you realise the value of Happiness, Hopes And Calmness in your life.”

hapiness and sadness both are part of our life, it’ on us which one we choose…….


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