We all had wasted much of time of our lives at some phase of our lives in waiting and hoping for an angel or some special power which will help us and take us out of our problems. But the reality is that the angel the power we looking for is not somewhere else it’s in us , in deep bottom of our hearts and souls.

It’s us who are cought in a web of our endless greed and it’s us only who can free ourselves from such a dangerous life threatening web.

It’s us who are forgetting our paths of our lives and it’s us only who are the roadmaps and can direct ourselves the right way.

It’s us who are dying and loosing our lives by every second but it’s us only who are able to increase our life span by changing our views not only for us but for others too.

So, Don’t feel your self down when things are going wrong because it’s you only who can change or modify every wrong into right one.

This world can’t stand with out us because it’s us who are important who are special who can make this world a better place .

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